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Dirndl n° 43

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The Dirndl n° 43 is part of the new basic collection. The top is crafted from a 100% linen fabric in olive color which matches the olive color of the 100% cotton skirt. The dirndl makes a chic but timeless set with a bright pink apron. All Dirndl from the basic collection can be perfectly combined with a colorful apron from the apron collection as well.

Each dirndl is handmade, so the pattern may differ from the pictures. The skirt is pleated and has a side pocket. The skirt length is 80 cm and thus corresponds to the standard length Midi.

Material: 100% Cotton
Care: Dry Cleaning

If you wish to customize any details (e.g. skirt length), please use the contact form .

  • Versand

    Unsere Dirndl werden individuell angefertigt und der Versand erfolgt spätestens nach 4-6 Wochen ab Bestelleingang.

  • Individuelle Wünsche?

    Bei besonderen Wünschen und Anpassungen gerne über das Kontaktformular melden.